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Errata Sheet For "Noise Reduction Technique in Electronic Systems," Second Edition ,
Eighth Printing and Higher.

A number of errors were corrected in the 8th. printing of the book.  This errata sheet cover all the errors that have come to my attention since the eight printing.

The printing number is listed on the back of the title page, this is the page with the copyright notice on it.  At the bottom of the page is a series of numbers printed in reverse order (largest number first).  The last (right-hand) number in this series is the printing number.

If you are aware of any additional errors or typos please bring them to my attention and I will include them here.


Page 1,  5th. line of third paragraph.  Change impedence to impedance.

Page 12, Figure 1-7: Change the dimension between the EUT and the vertical ground plane from 80 cm to 40 cm.  Also change the dimension from the EUT to the horizontal ground plane from 40 cm to 80 cm. (These changes are the result of the FCC changing the regulations after the book was published.  The figure was correct when the book was initially published.)

Page 23, 4th line: Change connectng to connecting.

Page 41, Equations 2-15 and 2-16: Change  θ12 to ϕ12.

Page 76,  fifth line up from the bottom. The sentence, "A hybrid ground is shown in Fig. 3-6." should be changed to,  Hybrid grounds are shown in Figures 3-9 and 3-10.

Page 99, first sentence. Change the sentence that starts, " A plot of Vn/Vg......." to read, "An asymptotic plot of Vn/Vg......"

Page 100, Equation 3-16: The "C" in the last term in the demominator of Eq. 3-16 should be "Cs."

Page 101, Figure 3-33: All the designators for the different curves which read "C = x pF" (where x is a number), should read "Cs = x pF."

Page 116, 2nd paragraph, after third sentence ending in "as shown in Fig 4-1. Add: Vs1 does not have to be equal to Vs2 for the system to be balanced. One or both of the generators may even be equal to zero.

Page 119, paragraph between Eqs. 4-5 and 4-6, second line: Change "Eq. 4-6" to Eq. 4-5.

Page 200, 9th bullet: Change usualy to usually.

Page 201, Table 6-7, third column: Change Averaged-good to Average-good.

Page 263, Figure 9-15:  The expression for Ishc should be the square root of 2qBIc. The other square root expression is removed.

Page 275, Table 10-1:  The Bandwidth for HCMOS should be 35, not 32 MHz.

Page 303, Figure 11.5:  Change f = I/pi tr to f = 1/pi tr.

Page 303, Figure 11.5: This ia a log-log plot. The horizontal axis should be labeled log f, the vertical axis should be labeled log In.

Page 304, Figure 11.6:  Change f = I/pi tr on horizontal axis to f = 1/pi tr.

Page 312, last line of first paragraph: Fig. 2-40 should be Fig. 2-38.

Page 314, Line above Equation 11-8B:  Change 50 Mhz to 48 MHz.

Page 316, Last sentance: Delete the last sentence that begins, "The ground must have..."

Page 317, Fig. 11-16: Add the following to the figure: An arrow pointing to the top wire that connects between the top I/O connector and the IC with the note, "SIGNAL LEAD."  An arrow pointing to the second wire that connects between the top I/O connector and the IC with the note, "SIGNAL RETURN (GROUND) LEAD."


Page 317, First sentenance: Change the sentenance that begins "The I/O ground should have...." to read;  "The I/O ground should have multiple connections to the chasis in order to minimize its inductance and provide a low impedance connection."

Page 323, Last sentenance: Change 10,000 V to 40,000 V.

Page 331, 5th line from the bottom: Change measurment to measurement.

Page 338, last line: Change peformnce to performance.

Page 369, Problem 2-6:  Figure directly above the text. In the leftmost circle (labeled "1") change the dot in the center of the circle to an "x"

Page 392, Problem 5-1 a:  Change 1.61 to 2.0. (1.61 is the correct answer for 22 gauge wire, not the 20 gauge wire specified in the problem.)

Page 392, Problem 5-1 b:  Change 25 to 24.56. (I rounded off the 24.56 to 25.)

Page 397, Problem11-1 b:  Change the 85 on the horizontal axis of the figure to 63.7. (85 is the frequency of the 17th harmonic, not the 1/ pi tr frequency.)

Page 397, Problem11-1 d:  Change 6 dB to 5.8 dB.  (I rounded off the 5.8 to 6.)

Page 398, Problem 12-1 a:  Change 1.4 pF to 0.7 pF (I used the diameter instead of the radius of the sphere in calculating the answer.)

Page 398, Problem 12-1 b:  Change 169 pF to 84.6 pF (I used the diameter instead of the radius of the sphere in calculating the answer.)

Page 399, Appendix F:  Measurement procedure MP-4 is no longer applicable for compliance testing since the FCC has changed the Part 15 Rules to specify that compliance measurements made after May 1, 1994 be done according to the procedures specified in ANSI C63.4-1992.  Appendix F, however, is still useful as a tutorial and introduction to various emission test methods.

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