Below is a listing of our most common one-day EMC seminars.  They are divided into seven different categories, in order to help you decide which ones might be appropriate for your situation.  Page two contains a description of each seminar along with a link to a more detailed description and outline.

Call us for details and scheduling.


Basic EMC Seminars

Cabling and Grounding*

Basic Digital Design*

EMC Considerations in PCB Design & Layout

Analog Design and Layout

*Cabling and Grounding when combined with Basic Digital Design is roughly equivalent to our standard two-day EMC seminar.

More Advanced or Specialized Seminars

Partitioning and Layout of Mixed Signal PCBs

Advanced Digital Design and Signal Integrity

Common-Mode Filter Design

Decoupling and Grounding of High Speed Digital Circuits

Antenna Theory Simplified

EMC Measurement / Troubleshooting Seminars

Workbench EMC Measurements

EMC Diagnostics and Fixes

Seminars Aimed Toward Mechanical Engineers and Physical Designers


Electronic Packaging*

ESD Protection in Equipment Design

*Electronic Packaging consists of one half day of shielding,  plus cabling and electrostatic discharge protection.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

ESD Protection in Equipment Design

Systems Considerations/EMC Management

EMC Project Management (1/2 Day Seminar)

The Changing Regulatory Environment

EMC Systems Design Workshop

Susceptibility / Immunity

ESD Protection in Equipment Design

Analog Design and Layout

EMI & Industrial Process Control Equipment (Under Revision)

Other Special Subjects

EMC Considerations in Switching Power Supply Design

EMI & Industrial Process Control Equipment (Under Revision)

Other Special Topics*

*The topics listed in this table are those that we present most often.  However, we  have developed other  specialized seminars on subjects that are not as commonly requested.  If you have a need for a special EMC seminar on a topic not listed above, give us a call to see if we already have something that will satisfy your needs.


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