Advanced Digital Design And Signal Integrity

This new one-day course covers advanced EMC and Signal Integrity concerns for digital logic systems operating with clock frequencies from several hundred MHz up to a few GHz.  The seminar covers important printed circuit board (PCB) layout features including the characteristics and properties of ground planes.  The characteristics of various transmission line structures such as microstrip, stripline and coplanar transmission lines are also covered.

Signal Integrity issues such as ringing, delay, crosstalk, and skew, and the affect of vias are discussed.  Various methods of performing Signal Integrity analysis are explained, as well as the advantages and accuracy of each approach.  Also covered are issues pertaining to high density interconnect such as: chip scale packaging (CSP), microvia technology, PCB losses (skin effect & dielectric loss), and trace bandwidth.  The advantages and disadvantages of both standard and new technological approaches are explained.

A desirable prerequisite to this seminar is a basic working knowledge of fundamental digital design and layout techniques.  This knowledge can come from experience, or by having attending one of our multi-day EMC courses.


High Speed Design Issues

IC Technology Predictions
New Design Methodologies
Controlling D-M Radiation
---Cancellation Techniques
---Spread Spectrum Clocks
Ground Plane Impedance
Controlling C-M Emission
Differential Signaling
---Characteristics of LVDS
---PCB Layout For LVDS

Transmission Lines

Properties of a Transmission Line
---Characteristic Impedance
---Propagation Delay
Basic Transmission Line Equations
Transmission Line Structures
Right Angle Bends
Spice Simulation
Termination Guidelines
Specifying Controlled Impedance PCBs
Test Coupons/Stacking Stripes
Transmission Line Rules of Thumb

Signal Integrity

What is Signal Integrity?
The Four Causes of Signal Distortion
Signal Integrity Concerns
Controlling Clock Skew
Effect of Serpentine Traces
Controlling Crosstalk
The Affect of Vias on Signal Integrity
Levels of Analysis
  ---EMC/ Signal Integrity
  ---IBIS Models

High Density Interconnect

Chip Scale Packaging
  ---Ground Bounce
Signal to Ground Pin Ratio
Microvia Technology
  ---Blind & Buried Vias
  ---Advantage & Use of Microvias
PCB Trace Bandwidth
  ---Skin effect
  ---Dielectric Loss
  ---PCB Materials
Impact of New Technology


If you are interested in having this new course presented at your facility, please contact us by phone, FAX, or e-mail to get details, and/or schedule a date.


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August 29, 2002