Cabling and Grounding

 This one-day seminar covers EMC systems considerations as well as the basic EMC subjects of cabling and grounding.  Emphasis is on applying the systems approach to EMC early in the design.  Cable types, cable coupling mechanisms, and the importance of cable shield terminations are covered.  The purpose of grounding is discussed and a new EMC grounding philosophy is presented.



 Systems Approach to EMC
 Design Stages Requiring EMC Input
 Systems Approach
 Crisis Approach
 Cost Effectiveness
 Design Methodology
 Management Support
 EMC and Quality


 Electric Field Coupling
 Magnetic Field Coupling
 Cable Terminations
 Twisted Pairs
 Ribbon Cables


 Why do we Ground?
 Definition of a Ground
 Types of Ground Systems
    -Single Point Ground
    -Multi-Point Ground
    -Hybrid Grounds
 Return Currents
 The Closing of Current Loops
 Chassis/Hardware Grounds
 EMC Grounding Philosophy
 AC Power Grounds
 Ground Loops

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