Electronic Packaging

 This one-day seminar on the electronic packaging aspects of EMC is intended for  mechanical and electronic packaging engineers.  Emphasis is on proper shielding and enclosure design.  In addition to enclosure shielding, the subjects of cable penetrations, cable shielding, power line filter mounting, and electrostatic discharge protection and testing are discussed.  This seminar duplicates some material found in the Shielding and ESD Protection in Equipment Design seminars.

Although primarily intended for mechanical engineers; electrical engineers, technical managers, and technicians who want a better understanding of electronic packaging have also found this material to be useful.



 Shielding Basics
 Shielding Effectiveness
    -Absorption Loss
    -Reflection Loss
 Seams, Holes & Apertures
 Surface Finishes for Metals
 Screens & Meshes
 Waveguides Below Cutoff
 Conductive Coatings for Plastics
 Selective Shielding
 Grounding of Shields
 Measuring Shielding Effectiveness


 Cable Treatment Guidelines
 Cable Shield Terminations
 Enclosure Voltages
 Diagnostic Techniques
 Connector Mounting & Grounding
 Power Line Filter Mounting & Grounding


 Human Body Model
 Protection Methods
 Metallic Enclosures
      - Secondary Arcs
      - Circuit/Enclosure Bonding
 Interface Cable Treatment
      - Shielding
      - Transient Suppression
 Plastic Enclosures
      - Treatment of I/O Ports
      - ESD Ground PLate
      - Arcing Distances
 Control Panels/Keyboards
 ESD Testing

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