EMC Considerations in PCB Design and Layout

This one-day seminar covers Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) considerations for digital printed circuit board design & layout.  The seminar is intended for PCB design and layout personnel as well as engineers interested in PCB layout.  Layout and routing techniques aimed at minimizing both radiated and conducted emissions are discussed.  Multilayer boards are emphasized.  Topics covered include: clock routing,  PCB partitioning, decoupling, transmission lines, characteristics of ground planes, and layer stack-up.



Introduction / Basic EMC Theory

Controlling Radiated Emission
The PCB Review Process
Basic Principles of EMC
Skin Effect
---Component Placement
---Clock Location
---I/O Area

Board Routing

Clock Routing
Guard Traces
Transmission Lines
---Asymmetric Stripline

Decoupling Methods

Decoupling Problems
Use of Multiple Capacitors
Use of Distributed Capacitance
Capacitor Mounting
Power Plane Isolation

Ground Planes & Layer Stack Up

Characteristic of Ground Planes
Ground Plane Current Distribution
Slots in Ground/Power Planes
Layer Stack-Up Considerations
Examples of Typical Layer Stack-Ups

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March 26, 2002