EMC Project Management

 This one-half day EMC Management seminar stresses the relationship between cost and the EMC management approach used.  Various EMC design methodologies are covered.  The EMC obligations of developers and manufacturers are discussed as well as the importance of management providing strong support for early EMC considerations.  Emphasis is placed on the relationship between EMC and quality.  Also provided is a short overview of domestic and international EMC regulations.

This half-day seminar is aimed at project managers and supervisors.  Upper management will also find it to be a useful overview of the importance, need for, and cost advantage of early EMC considerations.



 Systems vs. Crisis Approach to EMC Design
 EMC Design Methodology
 Cost Effectiveness
 Need for Management Support
 Allocation of EMC Requirements to Subassemblies
 Design Stages Requiring EMC Input
 Controlling Radiation
 Early EMC Testing
 The Ten Most Common EMC Problems
 EMC & Product Quality


  FCC Regulations
  Compliance Procedures
  European Union EMC Regulations
  The EMC Directive
  EMC Standards
  Immunity & Emission Requirements
  Compliance Procedures
  CE Mark

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June 26, 2001