The Changing Regulatory Environment

 EMC Regulations are constantly changing and being revised.  This seminar explains how to keep up to date, as well as explaining the details of the EMC regulations in the US, Canada, and the European Union.  This presentation discusses the regulatory process, the rationale behind the  standards, the changes that are being made, and what impact they will have on industry.  The Federal Communications Commission's standards and the  European Union EMC-Directive will be emphasized.  The limits, test procedures, marketing, labeling, and methods of compliance are all covered.

The talk will end with some "crystal ball gazing" on future regulatory trends in the United States and Europe.



 The US Regulatory Process
 CFR Title 47, Part 15, Subpart B
 ITE Equipment (Part 15)
 Radiated Limits
 Conducted Limits
 Exempted Devices
 Trade Shows
  Methods of Compliance
    -Manufacturer's Declaration
  Test Procedures
  Testing Above 1GHz
  ANSI C63
 Mutual Recognition Agreement
    -European Union
 ISM Equipment (Part 68)
 Telecom Equipment (Part 68)


 The European Regulatory Process
 The European Commission
 New Approach Directives
 The EMC Directive
 Emission Requirements
 Immunity Requirements
 ESD & Transient Requirements
     -Product Family
     -Product Specific
  Test Procedures
  Methods of Compliance
     -Manufacturer's Declaration
     -Technical Construction File
  "CE" Mark
  Competent Body
  Mutual Recognition Agreement
 World-Wide EMC Requirements
 Crystal Ball Gazing Into the Future

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June 26, 2001