EMC Systems Design Workshop (New For 2003)

This one-day workshop starts by discussing the systems approach to EMC design and then takes the participants through the EMC design of a product from start to finish.  It shows the "big picture" and contains enough detail to be extremely helpful to new designers, technicians, engineers, engineering managers, as well as veterans of the EMC design trenches.

In addition, EMC regulations will be discussed. This portion of the workshop can be tailored to emphasize regulations for the type of product of most interest to your company.  For example, medical equipment or ITE equipment, etc.

A hypothetical digital product will be used as the workshop example.  This is a "hands-on" workshop and the class will participate by doing much of the EMC design work.

While not meant as a substitute for a multi-day intensive EMC design course, this seminar provides a valuable perspective on the "systems approach" to the EMC design process and provides a solid foundation for future study.

It is desirable, but not required, for participants to have some basic EMC design background.


EMC Regulations

World Wide EMC Requirements
The Regulatory Process
EMC Requirements For XXX Equipment
---This Section May be Tailored to Meet Your Requirements

EMC Systems Consideration

Systems Approach to EMC
EMC Design Methodology
Cost Effectiveness
EMC Control Plans
EMC and Quality
Everything You Need to Know About EMC

EMC Design Example

Hypothetical Digital Product
Applicable Regulations
Defining the System
Emission and Susceptibility Considerations
Product Configuration
Defining Environments
Effect of EMC Design on Final Product

EMC Design Process - Emission

Cables (External & Internal)
PCB Issues
Power Supply Issues

EMC Design Process -Immunity

Susceptibility Issues
Most Common Susceptibility Problems
Typical Receptors

EMC Testing 

Ongoing Compliance


Class Project
10 Most Common EMC Problems

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