Workbench EMC Measurements

 Workbench MeasurementsThis one-day seminar covers simple Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) measurements and troubleshooting procedures that product designers and development engineers can use in their own laboratories (at their workbench), without the need for an elaborate and expensive EMC test facility.  These measurements can be used to estimate or predict the EMC performance of a product.  Although these measurement techniques are primarily intended to be used during product development to avoid EMC problems, they are equally useful "after-the-fact" to diagnose the cause of, and to fix, existing EMC problems.
 This seminar is directed toward product design and development engineers and technicians who have the need for making simple EMC measurements, early in the design cycle, in the convenience of their own lab.  Engineering managers, EMC measurement and test personnel, regulatory compliance engineers, as well as anyone involved in diagnosing and/or troubleshooting EMC problems will also find this seminar to be useful



Advantages of Quick & Simple Measurements
Comparison to Other Types of EMC Measurements
Antennas vs Probes
Common-Mode Current Measurements
Near Field Probes
Magnetic Field Measurements
Noise Voltage Measurements
Balanced Voltage Probes
Clock Waveform Measurements


 Susceptibility Measurements
 Tuned Probes
 Finding Structural Resonances
 Conducted Emission Measurements
 The EMC "Crash Cart"
 Spectrum Analyzers
 TEM Cells
 One Meter Radiated Emission Testing
 The Need For Margin

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